From the spirit in the human being to the spirit in the universe


The Anthroposophical Society provides a setting for individuals seeking to unfold their soul and spiritual capacities and place them in the service of humanity and the earth.  The Society sponsors events for its members and the general public including lectures, workshops, study groups, conferences, and retreats.

Through the School for Spiritual Science, which stands at the heart of the Anthroposophical Society, ongoing research enlivens and deepens Waldorf education, Biodynamic agriculture, Anthroposophical medical work, artistic activity, youth work and social science.

We warmly invite you to join the Anthroposophical Society as a means of affirming and supporting these activities.  Your membership contribution enables this work to develop in Hawai’i and worldwide.

We encourage you to join with us in realizing the soul and spiritual renewal so urgently needed in our time.

Anthroposophical Society in Hawai’i

2514 Alaula Way, Honolulu, Hawai’i 96822

  1. (808)395-1268

All photos and artwork by Van James