Participants at the November 1-4, 1997 Asia-Pacific Anthroposophical Conference gather on the steps of the Annie Besant Lodge of the Theosophical Society in Mumbia (Bombay), India. Reports on this conference can be found in the recent 4th Quarter 1997 issue (Number 5) of the Pacifica Journal.

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In response to the growing activities and needs of the Asia-Pacific region the Pacifica Journal was founded as a result of the first Meeting of General Secretaries and National Representatives of Asia-Pacific Anthroposophical Societies, held in Manila, Philippines on November 1-4, 1996. 

The Anthroposophical Society in Hawaii publishes this quarterly newsletter to better inform and communicate with those people who live in or feel themselves connected with events in this part of the world and the spiritual scientific endeavors going on here. Individuals are invited to subscribe to the Journal, and National Societies are encouraged to reprint articles from it (giving acknowledgment) with the end that the old and new mysteries of this region may be met with greater understanding. 

As we stand before the threshold of a new millennium, we also see a need for both a deepening and an expansion of our work in a science of the spirit. It is in this spirit that Pacifica Journal is published. 

Me ke aloha nō

Van James, Chair


This is the Journal to watch! The Pacifica Journal takes in the whole pacific rim, including Australia, the Philippines, Japan and India. It is in this region that Anthroposophy as a world movement (and not just a central European transplant) will meet its test. The task of inculturating anthroposophy into the Asian setting will demand the best thinking we can come up with. Pacifica Journal has clearly taken this challenge seriously. One has to only read Florian Sydow's "The Emergence of World Culture in the Pacific" (which has been running in the last couple of issues) to see this. Along the same line is the article in the Spring 1997 issue by Karl Kaltenbach, "Towards a Universal Human Consciousness." ...If anthroposophy is to fulfill its destiny as a world movement, this little unpresumptuous journal could become a cutting edge. 

--Fred Paddock 

Rudolf Steiner Library Newsletter, Volume 5, 1997

“I have been sitting and reading and

scanning the new issue of Pacifica. What an

amazing job you all have done putting it

together. It is beautifully laid out as well as full

of substantial articles. Congratulations on

creating a model publication covering an

exciting area of development…”

--Arthur Zajonc, author and professor of



“...I feel the connection every time I receive

your remarkable Pacifica Journal, which has to

be one of the best anthroposophical periodicals

in print. Thank you for expanding my consciousness

into the Pacific Rim once again.”

Eugene Schwartz, author and educator,


"The Pacifica Journal is an excellent

resource, providing news about events—

upcoming and past—and about developments in anthroposophical communities all around the Pacific Rim and in Asia; stimulating articles with deep esoteric content; and informative reviews of recent books related to anthroposophy, Waldorf education, and other sister movements. I look forward to its regular appearance out of the Hawaiian cyberspace."

Ronald E. Koetzsch, editor of Renewal Magazine


“Wow, what a journal! How much it has grown in beauty and substance since its small beginnings almost twenty years ago! Congratulations for keeping it going all this time and steadily building its quality.

I am impressed!”

Benjamin Cherry, mentor to Asian Steiner schools

In the East, the human being in society must be discovered.  

In the West, society in the human being must be discovered.

Rudolf Steiner